April 16, 2002
"Some cabaret singers take you by storm; the velvet-voiced American soprano Lorna Dallas wins you by stealth. Dallas's great gift is to suit her technique to the material. She can be crisp and witty with a comic number. But she lets her voice soar on Novello's unashamedly romantic 'Waltz of My Heart.' And she discovers new emotional depths in a standard like Rodgers' and Hammerstein's 'Younger Than Springtime.' She does it by caressing each word and syllable so that 'softer than starlight are you' becomes not a throwaway sentiment but a lingering expression of genuine passion; it is the technique of the classical actor applied to a song lyric. This is a rich collection from a rare soprano who has an instinct for truth that puts many of her lauded showbiz rivals to shame."
Michael Billington, THE GUARDIAN

April 18, 2002
"Some cabaret artists - like vintage wines - mature and deepen with age. One such is Lorna Dallas…emerging as a major cabaret player on both sides of the Atlantic. The quality of her shimmering, still vibrantly youthful soprano has never been in doubt but she has found her interpretative voice too and that is finally propelling her forward, not merely as a singer of songs but as a rich communicator of them. She caresses the lyrics with diction and delight. It is precisely this attribute that now puts her in company with the cabaret elite…Barbara Cook. Like Cook, she draws her material from the familiar and the unknown to alternately embrace and surprise you. She is always sublime."
Mark Shenton, THE STAGE

"As a cabaret artist you need to be able to interpret…not merely sing the songs…but actually give something else to them. Lorna Dallas simply took my breath away! A truly beautiful collection of songs … but some of them fairly obscure. I've always been a great exponent of cabaret…and her…so don't miss her!"
Mark Shenton, BBC LONDON (transcript)

"…and where the show comes alive and breaks hearts, it is unlikely you will hear a better rendition of Eric Maschwitz' 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square' or Fran Landesman's 'Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most.' Both could have been written for Lorna Dallas so elegant and sincere is her rendition. Overall Spring Collection is a collector's evening, one I would have been unhappy to miss."
Paul Nelson,

April 19, 2002
"The late Benny Green was renowned for his knowledge of that enduring oxymoron, the obscure popular song. Lorna Dallas is fast establishing herself as another authority. Dallas is certainly a true believer…few performers handle a ballad with quite as much purity and sensitivity. Glorious moments to savour? 'YOUNGER THAN SPRINGTIME' is cloaked in a darkly ruminative arrangement and Dallas is vulnerable and conversational in Fran Landesman's 'SPRING CAN REALLY HANG YOU UP THE MOST.' And after a paean to all things Gallic on 'APRIL IN PARIS' she catches us with a playful snowball on 'APRIL IN FAIRBANKS'…"

April 22, 2002
"Although she has now finished her short season at Jermyn Street Theatre, I couldn't let Lorna Dallas go without reminding our readers what a good performer she is, and bemoan the fact that we really do not see enough of this superb singer in the West End. Her SPRING COLLECTION was such a brilliant piece of programming, a very pleasing mixture of the familiar and the rarely-performed that provided a textbook example of what cabaret is all about. Lorna Dallas has such a warm, melodious voice that to be in her company is like being bathed in hot chocolate. I am not the first person to compare her with the likes of Barbara Cook, for she possesses a similar vocal quality of emotional depth that comes out in every song she interprets. I do hope she will be repeating this excellent programme at other venues as well as perhaps committing it to record, for it really is one of the finest cabaret compilations in living memory."
Michael Darvell, WHAT'S ON IN LONDON

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